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How To Clean Moissanite Rings

Every woman loves jewelry: that’s a fact. Traditionally, most jewelry was made from traditional metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. However, with the development of the beauty and self-care industry, many different types of elements are now used to create beautiful jewelry items and accessories. One such element is Moissanite, which creates beautiful rings and earrings. Usually, people prefer getting a moissanite ring for their fiancé on engagements. However, one issue that many women face is how they can keep their moissanite ring safe. Being the prime supplier of moissanite rings and earrings, we have compiled a guide with the right methods to clean your moissanite ring, including:

  • Cleaning Moissanite Ring and Moissanite Necklace at Home
  • Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Moissanite Ring at Home
  • Getting your Moissanite Ring Cleaned Professionally
  • Wearing Moissanite Ring During Exercise
  • Wearing Moissanite Ring when Swimming
  • When should the ring be removed?
  • Should you get insurance for the Moissanite Ring?

Cleaning Moissanite Ring and Moissanite Necklace at Home

First, let us consider how to clean your Moissanite ring and earrings at home. The cleaning process is easy and can be completed by anyone with a moissanite necklace. Follow the simple steps given below:

  • Soak the ring in warm water
  • Make sure that the water has only mild soap in it. Avoid very acidic or very alkaline soaps as they can damage the ring.
  • Don’t scrub the ring too hard. Instead, prefer only gentle scrubbing, as it will allow the dirt to be removed without damaging the ring surface.
  • The best way to scrub the ring is through a cloth or soft toothbrush. Try to reach the ring in the moissanite earrings area that is difficult to reach very carefully. Exerting excessive pressure can damage the ring. 
  • After the ring is fully clean from all the dirt, remove any sop on it.
  • Next, use freshwater or distilled water to rinse the ring and make it fully soap-free.
  • Use a lint-free cloth to dry your moissanite ring.

The same procedure can be followed when cleaning moissanite necklaces or moissanite earnings. However, ensure that you take proper care of not breaking the necklace or earrings due to excessive pressure when rinsing off the dirt.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Moissanite Ring at Home

Avoiding certain things can ensure the safety of your Moissanite ring and earrings at home. 

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals. Some people try to clean their moissanite necklace using strong detergents. Such detergents can have an abrasive and eroding effect in the long term. 
  • In case a deeper clean is required, use a commercial jewelry cleaner. Such cleaners are non-toxic and do not cause any damage to the ring even if used many times.
  • One common product used for moissanite earrings cleaning is ammonia solution. Avoid using ammonia directly on the moissanite ring surface. Instead., mix it with water to ensure that the abrasive effect is mineralized.

Getting your Moissanite Ring Cleaned Professionally

Deep cleaning of your Moissanite ring and earrings is a great idea if it is very dirty, or there are chances that you may end up damaging the ring surface. Similarly, people who regularly wear their rig may opt for deep commercial cleaning at least once every year. This way, the ring can stay in top-notch condition and always sparkle as a new ring. Similarly, most commercial cleaners can also offer you advice on keeping the ring safe if you intend to wear it regularly to avoid the need for regular cleaning.

Wearing Moissanite Ring During Exercise

Many women today are health conscious and always engaged in exercise. However, one common dilemma they face is wearing their moissanite earrings and moissanite necklace during exercise. As for the exercise itself, you need to determine whether to wear the ring based on the exercise you are doing. If you are engaging in heavy exercise, there are chances that you may end up damaging the ring. For example, lifting weight adds pressure to keep your ring safe. Even a small slip can damage the moissanite ring badly. Therefore, when exercising, prefer keeping your ring in a safe place. However, if the exercise is very minimal and does not involve serious hard work, you can easily wear your moissanite ring during the exercise.

Wearing Moissanite Ring when Swimming

Your moissanite ring can be worn in the water safely. Water itself is not damaging to moissanite. However, swimming is different because it involves much more than water. There is usually Sodium Chloride in the water of the swimming pool along with chlorine. Both elements can damage the ring surface.

Additionally, the drop in your body temperature inside water compared to the ring’s temperature can create a situation where the ring may get struck inside your finger. Therefore, if you are an active swimmer, keeping your ring aside when swimming is preferable. Wear your Moissanite ring once you are done swimming. This way, your ring will remain safe and protected over time.

When should the ring be removed?

There are certain occasions where you should remove your ring. However, first, let us look at a few specifics of Moissanite. Moissanite is one of the hardest and most robust metals on earth. Your moissanite ring is second in hardness only to a diamond ring. Therefore, in most cases, Moissanite is scratch-resistant and is not affected by water in daily use. However, the moissanite ring can get damaged due to some of the activities where strong solutions encounter the ring regularly. Try to avoid using the ring if you are cooking, washing the dishes, or doing any activity where something abrasive might comes into contact with the ring daily. However, the end-user's final decision of whether to use or remove the moissanite ring.

How to keep your Moissanite ring safe when not being used?

The best way to keep your moissanite ring when not used is to keep it in its proper casing. Usually, such cases have a proper lining that can help the ring stay safe and moisture-free. Also, ensure that your ring is not stored in a place with a considerable number of chemicals surrounding it. Therefore, keep your moissanite ring away from your makeup items, as these items have a lot of chemicals in them. Similarly, your moissanite earrings must not be under a lot of pressure. Otherwise, they may break down and need repairs before the next time you can tell us them. 

Should you get insurance for the Moissanite Ring?

It is preferable to get insurance for your moissanite ring as soon as possible. The main reason is that the ring can be prone to damage at any point. Being hard to replace the item, it is essential to keep have backup cash available if the ring gets damaged at any point.


Clean your Moissanite ring regularly to maintain its shine and classy look. Let us know if you need any help in the commercial cleaning of your Moissanite ring!


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